by rsbakker

Definition of the Day – New Year’s resolution: 1) an annual ritual where optimistic souls remind themselves why they have no bloody reason to be so optimistic; 2) a type of gnat that pesters fat asses without ever damaging them.

Happy New Years everyone. Personally, I set a record for not drinking this holiday. For the first time in 20 years my wife and I did not go out and get shit-faced on New Year’s Eve. Strange, the way a kid turns all the old ways upside down. By any of my old metrics this past holiday was hands down the lamest on record, and yet, I have to say, watching your little girl discover the wonder of Christmas is truly something to behold.  So this past holiday was at once the lamest, and most dazzling I have ever enjoyed.

Lots of laughter in the ol’ Bakker household this year.

Before I forget, Pat has published his excellent review of The White-Luck Warrior here: http://fantasyhotlist.blogspot.com/2010/12/white-luck-warrior.html

I even find his qualifications convincing: there’s quite abit more interior action in The White-Luck Warrior compared to The Judging Eye, something which will hopefully please as many readers as it irritates.

I was hoping Pat might expound on the difference in tone between The WhiteLuck Warrior and Disciple of the Dog, the way the books are almost tonal mirror images of one another. I had feared that the switch from the scriptural tone of the fantasies to the flip profanity of Disciple Manning would be difficult, only to be surprised by how effortless the transition was.

Otherwise, the prohibition against spoilers, I think, prevented him from discussing many of the things I’m keen to garner feedback on. Things like the stakes and the scale of the overarching story. I’m presently finishing the copyedit (a job which was dropped on my lap just as the holidays were beginning: a classic, you-know-you’re-a-small-fry-when moment), and I have to say that, from my perspective at least, this book fulfills my resolution to make each book in this series better than the last.

What you ornery buggers think, only time will tell. Love it or hate it, I can only hope that you talk about it. And trust that I will redeem the fistful of narrative IOU’s I’ve gathered over the years.