The First of the Judging Eyes

by rsbakker

Aphorism of the Day: A fatalist is just a cynic with humility.

Here’s a link to the first The White-Luck Warrior‘s first post-pub review: The Seattle-Post Intelligencer. Be sure to skip to the bottom of page three if you want the verdict without the spoilers.

The Beast has spent the better part of two weeks comfortablely in’s Fantasy Top Ten. For whatever reason, The Judging Eye triggered nothing approaching the kind of pent up demand that The White-Luck Warrior seems to be enjoying. I personally blame it on the difficulty of The Thousandfold Thought. I think it strained the tastes of a lot of readers, enough to convince them to ease into the next tub of trilogistic water I draw.

And, just because things good and bad always seem to come in batches, I’ve been hearing murmurs from Hollywood once again. I’ll fill you all in on the details if the volume approaches ‘rumbling.’  Apparently all we need is an investor with several million dollars… Anyone?

Otherwise its been the silence of reading. I feel as though I’m broadcasting on so many frequencies with this book that I have to be jamming the ears of some readers. But everything I’ve encountered has been positive so far–extremely so. Even if I manage to convey a mere whiff of the meta-epic awesomeness I’m trying to convey, I’ll count myself successful.

I’ve been living with this story for some 25 years now, and I find myself periodically amazed at how far I’ve come – as well as how much you all have let me get away with! Only three books to go. Bloody fucking amazing – that’s what it is.

So close to the end, and still so much shit to throw at the narrative fan. Things are going to get real hairy from here on in. We’re gonna need therapy to sort it all out, you and me.