Making Raves

by rsbakker

Aphorism of the Day: Success is something everyone but you gets to decide.

Been busy wandering the Thousand Thousand Halls.

Although not reviewed, The White-Luck Warrior found its way into this past weekend’s The Globe and Mail (which is Canada’s newspaper of record, for those of you stuck in less commodious parts of the world). This is big news simply because any fiction without a Midlife Crisis, Sordid Affair, and Ambivalent Protagonist that gets mentioned in The Globe and Mail Book Section is big news. My wife seems to think this act robs me of the ability to bitch and grouse…

Far more important community-wise, both Adam and Larry, definitely two of the most respected voices in the fantasy blogosphere,  have posted their e-verdicts. The Beast seems to be garnering some genuine raves.  If the Whore is kind, perhaps it’ll make some waves as well.

If not, my guess is that The Unholy Consult ultimately will, whether I sustain the same level of execution or not. It’s the story that’s in charge now. There’s a reason this project has tyrannized my imagination for 25 years.