The Square Peg is Dead: Long Live the Square Peg!

by rsbakker

Definition of the Day – Experiment: A bullshit guess that we fear others might remember.

They say the definition of insanity is expecting different results from repeating the same actions. Given the law of unintended consequences, I actually think this works better as a definition of sanity. Crazy only comes in when you assume the results are going to be happy.

I’ve checked out several other author blogs and have come to no conclusion whatsoever. Most seem to be gestures and nothing more,  a handful of updates scattered across the years. Others were as extensive as they were tedious. Many were flat out funny. Not one was quite so intellectually maudlin as this.

All in all, I found the company rather embarrassing.

So I’ve decided that I would try to experiment, to show more of the preacher in me, while concealing him at the same time. I’ve created an ‘Essay Archive’ page, where I hope to slowly add sundry writings of mine from years gone by. In the meantime, I’m wondering if their isn’t a way to tuck these posts behind some kind of promotional shell.

I might even gussy things up with some pictures of my asshole. Make it really appealing.

I’ve been able to have it both ways with my books, so far. Maybe I can do the same with this blog. 

Speaking of which, I stumbled across several recent ‘reviews’ of Neuropath here and here and here. It appears that my books and this blog have something in common! I wonder if I shouldn’t try a reverse psychology sort of thing and pull together a splash page with blurbs from everyone freaked out by NP. The list is getting quite juicy.