Hooking in the Nunnery

by rsbakker

Aphorism of the Day I: The problem with being a Bible salesman is that everyone thinks they already have one.

Aphorism of the Day II: Theory is the precise observation of the invisible, as opposed to fantasy, the dramatic description of the impossible.

I watched this show on parallel universes last night and was reminded why physicists make for such bad philosophers. Imagine hatching a bunch of flies in a glass jar on your kitchen table. These are pretty ingenious flies, given the puny size of their brains, so they puzzle through the laws of perspective, theorize what little they can see of the house beyond the kitchen. Soon they begin positing things like ‘hallways,’ and ‘livingrooms,’ given what scant evidence they can gather. Then they begin speculating about what lies beyond these theoretical posits. Soon you have jacuzzi’s and helicopter pads, wetbars and indoor swimming pools. Then some crazy fly asks, ‘What if this isn’t the only kitchen?’  They buzz in profound thought for several years, then another, even crazier fly asks, ‘What if there’s an infinite number of kitchens with an infinite number of flies in them?’

And the Fly Discovery Channel decides to make a documentary about this, instead of the kitchen, which is difficult enough to understand as it is.

I know, I’m one to talk. I love theory. I love painting portraits of invisible things. Having a theory means you are only wrong if you want to be–what’s not to love about that? No matter what, the images are always spitting.

The world can be real a prick: it’s nice to keep some bubbles safe. But televise them?

Everyone loves bubbles, I guess.