Sweet Manna

by rsbakker

Aphorism of the Day: The Second Law of Cranks states that for every crank, there exists an opposite crank – an ‘anti-crank.’ Unfortunately, rather than annihilating each other on contact, they have the effect of splitting the universe in two. (The First Law of Cranks (for those of you unfamiliar with epistemological physics) states that for every Opinion, no matter how preposterous, there is at least one crank who will call it Gospel).

[Just a note: I actually posted the following question on the Dude’s ROH website. “I’m guessing you agree not all accusations of misogyny are equal: what criteria do you use to distinguish genuine accusations from spurious?” The question never made it past moderation. Too funny. For someone who claims to be a troll he certainly seems shy! ]


Now this is almost too good to be true! I ask for a liberal Theo and lo…

Should I be suspicious? I admit, I’m having a hard time deciding whether this is serious, or simply provocation for it’s own sake. Either way this guy makes Theo’s Straw Bakker look like the tin man. And his M.O!  Logically decisive swearing, and some of the most cogent name-calling I’ve ever encountered. How do you engage someone who, unlike, Theo, doesn’t even pretend to be rational? 

I tell ya, the stock some people put in pure attitude. What would you call it,  the arguing ad na-na-nana-naa?

Does anyone know who this guy is? I’d be interested in drawing him out on his motivations. Just what does he think he’s accomplishing with a site like this… Does he care?

The strange thing is how… I dunno, flattered I feel. I’m not so sure that I should, but getting blasted by kooks like this makes me think I gotta be doing something right. It could be they’re the only one’s willing to waste the energy!

Could you imagine if a sizable portion of the planet decided that the strength of a claim depended on the amount of vitriol they put behind it. It would be almost as funny as it would be tragic. Don’t people realize that the only thing cheaper than belief is attitude?