Foil As Meme Delivery Vehicle

by rsbakker

Aphorism of the Day: The louder a person points, the more they become the show.

Theo’s back with a wonderful thrashing of my work, character, and psychological deterioration – or straw approximations of them. I had no idea he was so relevant and well-connected. I was surprised he didn’t post his college transcripts, or at least his Stanford-Binet.

He has lot’s and lot’s of theories about me, but for some reason, he keeps seizing on the ephemera and refuses to give an answer to the one question I keep asking over and over: What makes him think he’s won the Magical Belief and Identity Lottery? His reluctance or evasion or whatever it is must be obvious to at least some of his readers by now.

[Turns to Theo]: By the terms of your own argument, I’m irrelevant, so why all the wasted e-ink? Why not write an essay answering this one simple question? I’m just saying that this list applies to you as much as anyone else, that you’re just another fool with lot’s of guesses like me and everyone else. But you seem to think otherwise. Why?

Post-Script: I inserted a link to some of David Dunning’s work for the people popping over from Vox Day to the previous post, the stuff he received a ‘noble Ig Nobel’ for. (The organizers also give awards to publicize works that justify their critical and satiric mission. I’m curious how many comments will simply seize on it as confirmation of their views).