Dismember September

by rsbakker

Aphorism of the Day: Stupid is as stupid buzz.

I’ve been up to my eyeballs with work these past couple weeks, which is why I haven’t been able  to weigh in on any of our most recent debates. If I stick to form, I’ll probably come up with something interesting to say long after everyone has forgotten what the issue is. For those of you interested, I have a couple of local appearances coming up: I’m doing a reading at Fanshawe College this Thursday, September 22nd at 2PM in room D1060. And I’m a keynote at this year’s Nietzsche Workshop, on October 1st, at the University of Western Ontario. I’m pretty sure that people need to register to attend the latter, but the reading is open to all.

Anyway, in the near future I’m hoping to post the Three Pound Brain‘s first book review on David Foster Wallace’s The Infinite Jest, and also to finally get around to posting “Questions to Fuck Up your English Professor,” something which I promised long ago, but predictably lost in the shuffle. Writing it here counts as what psychologists call an “implementation intention,” which is supposed to help knobs like me actually accomplish what they want to accomplish.

We shall see.