Hard Core Philosopherization

by rsbakker

Aphorism of the Day: There are two ways to think the Riddle of Consciousness: What do you have to add to a roundworm to get a human? and What do you have to subtract from God to get Jesus? The first will get you to consciousness, but only if you use the second to solve the riddle. 

“Four Revelations” has received a fantastic amount of traffic these past several days, and has occasioned considerable debate. Strangely enough, I’ve found myself sucked back into the orbit of that ancient gas-giant named Derrida. I decided to go to Vanderbilt University for my philosophy PhD so that I could study with David Wood, who was at that time the only philosopher I could find who was actively writing on the topic of my obsession, the Continental Philosophy of Time. That was 1997, and as time passed, my interest in time did not so much wane as drift into isolation. I never stopped writing about time, as the title of Light, Time, and Gravity might suggest. In fact, I even thought I had solved all the old problems that had plagued me, that I had come up with a simple, elegant, and most importantly, naturalistic account of what the Now was. But as an institutional refugee, I never bothered to check back in on the old ‘time scene.’ I literally assumed that people had moved on.

It turns out I was wrong. In fact, it turns out all the texts I had obsessed over in the 90’s now house a veritable saloon of drunken philosophers, all them troubled the way I was once troubled (before moving on to more troubling things). This spurred a new piece on naturalizing deconstruction that I added to the Speculations page. In the course of rummaging through my old files I found “To Be and Not To Be,”  the draft of an old essay from 2000, what began as an attempt to spin an article out of my dissertation’s first chapter, but ended up killing my dissertation project instead. And I also bumped into “Outing the It that Thinks,” the paper I gave at the Nietzsche Workshop just a couple of months back, and so I ironed out a couple of wrinkles, and put it up as well–just to prove how lax the editorial standards are here at Three Pound Brain. As always, I remain the only person daring enough to publish my philosophy.

Check them out if you’re interested. Just be warned that they contain some hard core philosopherization.

Speaking of Philosopherizing: I popped over to VoxDay the other day to see what new mischief he was stirring up, and found this wonderful little tidbit. The humility is almost enough to make you dizzy–that much is the same. But am I wrong to think there’s been a change? And if there has been a change, what should we make of it?