The Brain Just Got Bigger…

by rsbakker

An update on several things:

1) The industry is all but in a state of crisis right now, so I just wanted to urge everyone to cultivate a culture buying books. As a midlist author, I am on the bubble, so any appreciable erosion of my sales will force me out of the full-time writing game. It really is as simple as that. It only took me ten years to write The Darkness That Comes Before part-time! So cut a crazy old headbanger a break and spread the word when you can.

2) The Unholy Consult continues to grow, but more slowly than I had hoped.  At the moment, things feel forced and wooden, at which point I begin obessessively rewriting. I want this book to crack like a whip, almost too much I sometimes worry. But every book I’ve written (with the exception of Disciple of the Dog) has been a melodrama like this, alternating between inspriration and desperation.

 3) In an effort to reboot my brain, I’ve spent the past couple of weeks exploring the chaotic mess of documents on my computer. I actually posted several substantial fragments of my final dissertation attempt, so for those of you interested, there’s plenty of stuff to make you go cross-eyed. For that small handful who has read Derrida or Heidegger, I also posted a new piece on the Limit With One Side. Believe or not, but I think the overall word count for Three Pound Brain has doubled.

4) And lastly, I have finally discovered Catherynne Valente. I read her short story “The Bread We Eat in Dreams” hot on the heels of completing Jennifer Egan’s A Visit From the Goon Squad, which has only won, um, let’s see, the Pulitzer and just about every other award America has to offer, and Valente not only makes her look like a prose drone, she also writes fantasy.

She could very well be the One.