So This Prophet Walks In The Door…

by rsbakker

Aphorism of the Day: It’s the hurt that always sorts truth from bullshit. This is why we always prick our inner ear when listening to survivors.

I’ve posted a couple a new pages, one where anyone interested can post their FAN FIC for me and the world to see. I’m not sure if there’s any word limit for posting on comments or not, but we shall find out soon enough. The reason I want prospective stories posted to the comments is simply to spare me the formatting headaches I always have posting stuff I’ve written to wordpress. I’m hoping that formatting it for clean presentation as a comment will make the process of putting it on a sub-page a simply matter of cutting and pasting. We shall see!

Otherwise, I’ve decided that I’m going to pretend that I’m Einstein for the next few days. The second new page is devoted to another philosophical piece, CAUSA SUIcide, which turned out to be every bit as spiritually exhausting as it was intellectually exciting. It gave me a chance to think through the final kinks of my Blind Brain Theory, and there was just this click… and suddenly it all fell into place for me – all the thinking I’ve put into the problem of consciousness for the past ten plus years.

I’ve suffered moments of philosophical mania before, but never anything like this. So as it stands now, anyway, I think I’ve actually come up with a theoretical approach to consciousness that solves all the ancient and contemporary perplexities. I know damn well the way it works, how the ferocity of revelation mellows with the piling on of questions, how philosophical clarity is as much an artifact of ignorance as religious certainty…

But as a long time denizen of a dark and murky world, I quite like this feeling. In fact, I’m keeping notes, so that I can work it into the novels. I get accused of being Kellhus enough – I might as well spend a few days walking in his shoes or sandals or whatever. So I’m swearing off philosophy for a while, and introducing myself to complete strangers as the Man Who Solved the Riddle of Consciousness. Uh-huh. Yep. Uh-huh.

I’m even thinking of changing my name to Vox.