In the Shadow of Ishual

by rsbakker

Aphorism of the Day: The inability to distinguish ‘political’ from ‘nice’ has saved more lives than penicillin and taken at least as many as speeding.


Madness has been kind enough to post a teaser from the beginning of The Unholy Consult on the Second Apocalypse Forum, for those who are interested. The book is inching toward completion, and barring any revisionary madness (no relation), looks like it will be even more of a behemoth than The White-Luck Warrior.

Also a reminder for those of you in the Toronto area, I’m scheduled to give a talk entitled, “Less Human than Human: The Cyborg Fantasy versus the Neuroscientific Real,” at the 2012 Toronto SpecFic Colloquium this October 28th. Bring family, friends, pets and quirky strangers – just be sure to leave your souls behind…

If you can’t make it, I’m also scheduled to give a talk and reading at Laurier University sometime mid-November. I’ll post the details when I get them, perhaps on my new, fancy-pants author website, where I hope to post sundry observations on the nature of children, chocolate, and spectacular sunsets. Every three pound brain needs a skull and hair…

Or at the very least, a zipper.