God Decays and Bakker Speaks, But Not In Any Particular Order

by rsbakker

Aside from apologizing for my absence of late, I have a couple of announcements.

First and foremost, Ben Cain, a regular guest-blogger here at TPB, has turned his undead mind to the living dead with his first novel, God Decays. I fear I haven’t had a chance to read it yet, but Ben’s writing both here and on his blog, Rants Within the Undead God, should be more than recommendation enough. The man is both brilliant and twisted.

BC_God Decays Cover Promo


Also, for those within striking distance, I’m giving a public talk at The University of Western Ontario sponsored by the Creative Writing Club and the Arts and Humanities Student’s Council entitled, “Technology and the Death of the Literary Ecosystem,” where I’ll be arguing, among other things, that literature, understood in any meaningful sense, only ever happens in books like Ben’s anymore. It’s scheduled for next Wednesday, November 27th, at 6pm in University College, Room 224A…

Which, I just realized is also my PS3 hockey night… Fuck. Sorry boys.