Love, God, and Entropy

by rsbakker

An infinitesimal speck becomes everything, and the universe blooms and burns with the hard light of innumerable stars autocannibalizing, finally choking on iron and exploding into clouds that collapse into new stars surrounded by discs of parental debris that they cook and cook, forcing matter to flee into ever more complicated forms to maximize entropy, a constant pressure culminating in the generational replication of structure, and a vast proliferation of different entropic maximizations–the sum of life!–each more efficient than the previous, adaptations stacked upon adaptations, mapping ever more possibilities of structure and dynamics, morphology and behaviour, until the sheer complexity of the latter undoes the integrity of the former, and behaviour begins complicating without material constraint, collapsing the entropic interval, becoming a black hole of a more horrifying sort, an entropy maximizing God–Death–grown to a devouring haze that encompasses stars, galaxies, clusters and superclusters, consuming filaments and more, until passing at long last through its own jaws and fading into the infrared wash that is the end of the universe.

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