The Closing and Opening of Covers

by rsbakker

My agent has the book, and I’m having several copies of the manuscript printed up and bound to distribute to some keen-eyed friends today. That’s as much as I can say detail-wise, at the moment. As soon as my publishers and my agent and I have the details hashed out I will post them here post-haste.

I also finally managed to trap True Detective on my PVR. People have sent me so many links (such as this and this) to mainstream articles on the character of Cohle and his creator Nic Pizzolatto’s inspirations that I thought it worth a looksee. I haven’t watched an episode yet, but the notion of Mathew McConaughy (a devote believer) playing a nihilistic prophet appeals to my sense of cosmic perversity. I suppose he would make a good Disciple Manning. Who knows, maybe a thunderbolt will strike someone at HBO–they’ll take a sip of latte and wonder, “Egad! What if we take True Detective and Game of Thrones  and mash them together!” Either way, given the way society continues to inexorably creep toward Golgotterath, the popularization of this fact has got to be a good thing… if it’s true that informed gamblers enjoy better odds than sleepwalkers, that is.