Enactivist Re-enactment

by rsbakker

Adam Robberts has tidied up and reposted a debate he and I have been having on enactivism and Blind Brain Theory over at his Knowledge Ecology site. Dissenters are welcome to weigh in over here, there, or at any one of the several sites that have reblogged our exchange. All the lapses in decorum and diction are entirely my own.

By dint of sheer coincidence, Eric Schwitzgebel has included the Bonjour post immediately below in his roundup of the Philosopher’s Carnival – Zombie Mary should be pleased! God and Jesus, not so much.

As for the novel, still no word on pub dates, but I did spend the past two days with my friend Madness going through the manuscript, so if you’re curious as to his impressions, appraisals, by all means visit the SECOND APOCALYPSE FORUM and plague him with questions…