Father’s Day, 2025

by rsbakker

Sunday, June 15th, 2025, New York BureauWal-Mart stock has enjoyed a recent surge in both algorithmic and human markets today, given greater than expected profits attributed to the company’s new visual fixation tracking systems. This novel system not only allows the retail giant to track the eye-movements of every customer in the store (a data collection system that promises immense downstream rewards in its own right), it also provides the informational underpinnings for a realtime version of what the industry has come to call the ‘Ping Market.’

You know those little twinkling lights on the shelves that make your child crow with delight? Well each flicker is what is called a ‘ping,’ a peripheral stimulus designed to alert the attentional systems of the human brain, and so trigger what is called ‘gaze fixation,’ which in turn is a powerful predictor of consumer choice. Historically (if three years count as such!), retailers have auctioned pings in bulk on the basis of statistical data garnered over time. Wal-Mart’s new system, however, allows its suppliers to quite literally bid for customers as they walk down the aisle, using online data tracking customer’s saccades and fixations to calculate the probable effectiveness of individual pings (and, unfortunately, those endlessly annoying ‘shelfies’). Customer tracking is anonymized by law, of course, but the company reports that its most recent ’15 for 15’ promotion has managed to boost its privacy opt-out level to just over 83%. An envious number to be sure.

‘‘Go fish’ has long been a term of frustration in retail,’ says the project director, Dr. Howard Singh. ‘With [their new ping system] the metaphor has become literal, and Wal-Mart, always the ocean of the industry, has transformed itself into an angler’s delight!’

For those who pay the fee, of course.