Inverse Invariance

by rsbakker

I just returned from my annual trip up north, to land where you’re lucky to get a cell signal (let alone Wi-Fi) to party with my high-school buddies. Bad timing, I know, given that I have a book coming out next week! But essential, all the same.

Besides, I got to play a game of RISK. My neighbours left this awesome little nugget behind when they moved, so I snapped it up when the owner asked me if I wanted it.

Risk Onyx Edition

Who knew it was such a great drinking game? Joe crushed, and Boz, despite what he might tell you, had no chance. Tom and I got into a pissing match for Australia and committed mutual suicide. For Australia! It appears that RISK is but another mechanism baiting the stone age brain.

No phones in the pocket or on the table, just kids on errands slinking about. The crunch of heavy tunes fading into birdsong. Cursing and laughing over the chatter of dice. Good times.

Updates coming up.