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A Brick o’ Qualia: Tononi, Phi, and the Neural Armchair

Aphorism of the Day: The absence of light is either the presence of dark–or death. For every decision made, death is the option not taken. Aphorism of the Day II: Things we see through: eyes, windows, words, images, thoughts, lies, lingerie, and excuses. . So Guilio Tononi’s new book Phi: A Voyage from the Brain to the […]

Less Than ‘Zero Qualia’: Or Why Getting Rid of Qualia Allows us to Recover Experience (A Reply to Keith Frankish)

Aphorism of the Day: Here, it turns out, is so bloody small that even experience finds itself evicted and housed over there. . From Philosophy TV: Richard Brown: And you know there is a–I don’t want to say growing movement–but there is a disturbing undercurrent [laughs] of philosophers who are out and saying that they are in fact […]

Life as Alien Transmission

Aphorism of the Day: The purest thing anyone can say about anything is that consciousness is noisy. . In order to explain anything, you need to have some general sense of what it is you’re trying to explain. When it comes to consciousness, we don’t even have that. In 1983, Joseph Levine famously coined the […]

Philosophical Glossary

[this is woefully incomplete, but I thought I would post it as is to see what kind of critical feedback I can garner] PHILOSOPHICAL GLOSSARY: Where I try to clarify for others what remains murky to myself…   Afference – Term referring to non-inferential, non-associative ‘truth-preserving’ transitions between claims, the ‘sense’ that binds philosophical implicatures according […]

How to Squeeze an Entire Universe into Three Seconds or Less: An Answer to ‘Brassier’s Problem’

The discovery that a number of people are not only mining the problematic that obsessed me when I was a graduate student, but actually homing in on the same family of texts that I had gravitated to has… well, to put it honestly, convinced me that maybe I’m not so crazy after all. I’m not […]


So when we normally think about time we tend to think in terms like this: t1 > t2 > t3 > t4 >t5 which is to say, in terms of a linear succession of times. This happens, then that and that and that and so on. What we tend to forget is the moment that […]

The Elephant in Our Skull

I am not a ‘Metzingerian.’ Like him, I think we are what we are in such a way that we cannot intuit what we are, but I came to this inkling by a far different route (Continental Philosophy). I’m not a representationalist, for one. I don’t think the brain has a Phenomenal Self Model, and I […]


Aphorism of the Day: Beware those who prize absurdity over drama: they are the enlightened dead. The Enlightened Dead, just so you know, is the title of the next Disciple novel. I like to thank those who chimed in with their support, though I can’t help but feel you are the vocal exception to the silent rule. As […]