A place to stash some of my languishing work, everything from fragmentary notes to polished articles. I don’t necessarily agree with them. I typically don’t even like them. My biggest obstacle to academic publication has been my inability to commit to my arguments. I typically cook them up, sometimes I even set the table, then I drive to KFC for some real food.

Writing After the Death of Meaning (Presentation for the Posthuman Aesthetics Research Group, Aarhus University, June 2nd, 2015)

Back to Square One: Toward A Post-Intentional Future (Scientia Salon, 2014)

The Last Magic Show: A Blind Brain Theory of the Appearance of Consciousness (2012)

Outing the It That Thinks: The Coming Collapse of an Intellectual Ecosystem  (Keynote Presentation at the Nietzsche Workshop, The University of Western Ontario, October, 2011)

The Future of Literature in the Age of Information (2011)

Dancing Bears and Wild Ones (2011)

The New Theory: A Provisional Manifesto (Presentation at Aarhus University, 2010)

The Post-Posterity Writer (Presentation at Aarhus University, 2010)

The Incredible Shrinking Sublime (ICFA Presentation, 2007)

The Skeptical Fantasist: In Defense of an Oxymoron (Heliotrope Magazine, August 2006)

Dragons Over Spaceships (Presentation at Brock University, 2004)

Thou Shalt Not Suffer Fantasy (Presentation at Ad Astra, 2003)

To Be and Not to Be: Some Reflections on the Origin and Extent of the Hard Problem (2000)

Truth and Context: A Prospectus (Dissertation Outline, 1999)