Speculative Fragments

People are alienated by many things for many reasons, most of them less than rational. I’ve created this page to tuck away my more explicitly philosophical ramblings, realizing that the topics, let alone the syntax and terminology, will likely warn away far more potential readers of my fiction than otherwise.

My philosophy suffers more than a few peculiarities, I’m afraid. I’ve been out of the ‘game’ now for over a decade, and my idiosyncrasies are such that I’m sure I’ve wandered far from any number of beaten paths. I also have a somewhat bizarre attitude regarding theoretical speculation (outside the sciences) in general: I see it all as a kind of discursive analogue to comic strips and cartoons, drastic oversimplifications of supercomplicated morasses.

To make matters worse, the theoretical gestalt I’ve been mining the past several years happens to be one that I actively refuse to believe: the whole thing strikes me as a bizarre kind of reductio, and yet some perverse part of my psyche simply refuses to let go. I seem to continuously find myself mapping its implicature out across any number of different contexts. Whatever it is, the thing seems to have real explanatory reach… At least for me.

All I can ask is that you bear with me, trust that whatever insightfulness or coherence that you might have seen in my more accessible work is evidence that I haven’t simply gone bonkers here. Originality and amateurism (or just plain old craziness) are often indistinguishable at first glance.

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