Truth and Context (2001)

I made three hard runs at my philosophy dissertation, only to change my mind about some central concept and abandon each in disgust and frustration. Truth and Context is the one I pursued the furthest, before my reading in neuroscience and philosophy of mind (which culminated in “To Be and Not to Be: Some Radical Reflections on the Origins and Extent of the Hard Problem“) seemed to render the thing obsolete. I still use many of the ideas found here, and I especially like Chapter Two, I just no longer believe in the overall project.

Truth and Context: A Prospectus

Here and Now (Draft of Truth and Context, Introduction (2001))

Radical Ontology (Draft of Truth and Context, Chapter One (2001))

Occluded Frames (Draft of Truth and Context, Chapter Two (2001))

Vantages (Draft of Truth and Context, Chapter Three (2001))

Meaning and Normativity (Draft of Truth and Context, Chapter Four (2001))

Games and Spectators (Draft of Truth and Context, Chapter Five (2001))