Post it here, people, and if the Muse agrees, I shall devise a page, and there it shall dwell in earnest or satiric glory, for as long as the Brain shall live. But be warned, for thousands shall see, unforgiving multitudes, who shall heap scorn upon thee, leaving only a blessed handful, the disordered few, to praise and stalk thee.

Verily, post it here, people…

The Tilling of Her Skin (by Sciborg)

A Young Man from Kutnarmu (by Angelos)

Animate (by Swense)

Holy to the Damned (by Subetei)

Negotiation at One Remove (by Walter Langendorf)

Frank’s Aphorisms

First Sight of the Mark (by Technopilus)

A Tale of Swayal (by Mike Hillcoat)