Hole for a Soul

by rsbakker

Aphorism of the Day: The philosophy of mind possesses only one honest position: perplexity… or possibly, ‘hands-against-the-wall.’

Just a note: Peter Hankins at Conscious Entities does a far better job at explaining the Blind Brain Theory than I’ve been able to manage. Conscious Entities has become something of an institution over the years, primarily because of the care, honesty, and brilliance Peter puts into his various readings and considerations. I’ve been following the blog religiously for some time now, and I’ve actually come to see it as, well, almost Augustinian, as a scientifically and philosophically informed dialogue between an honestly perplexed man and the global conversation on the nature of his soul. For someone like me, who seems to be forever running and tripping after the next idea, it’s always a reminder to take a deep breath, and remember the mystery. An ‘attitude check,’ you might say. Some of us have to work for our epistemic humility – and pretty damn hard in my case.