Earth and Muck

by rsbakker


So Grimdark magazine has released the conclusion to “The Knife of Many Hands,” as well as an interview containing cryptic questions and evasive answers. It’s fast becoming a great venue, and a great way to spotlight grim new talent.

As for information regarding the next book, I wish I knew what to say. I submitted the final manuscript the end of January, and still I’ve heard nary a peep about possible publications dates. Rest assured, as soon as I know, I’ll let you know.

I’d also like to recommend The Shadow of Consciousness: A Little Less Wrong, by Peter Hankins. Unlike so many approaches to the issue, Peter refuses to drain the swamp of phenomenology into the bog of intentionality. In some respects, the book is a little too clear-eyed! For those of us who have followed Conscious Entities over the years, it’s downright fascinating watching Peter slowly reveal those cards he’s been stubbornly holding to his chest! I’m hoping to work up a review when I’m completed, OCD-permitting.

Shadow of Consciousness cover

I’d like to thank Roger for stepping into the breach these past couple months, giving everyone another glimpse of why he’ll be turning fantasy on its ear. Why the breach? Early in February I began working on what I thought was a killer idea for an introduction to Through the Brain Darkly. The idea was to write it in two parts, posting each here for feedback. Normally, the keyboard sounds like a baby rattle when I do blog/theory stuff, but not so this time. I’m sure burn-out is part of the problem. I’m also cramped by a deep-seated need for perfection, I suppose, but I’ve never been quite so stymied by a good idea before. So I thought I would open it up to the collective, gather a few thoughts on what people think it is I’m doing here (aside from the predictable, paleolithic factors), and what it is I need to communicate this effectively.

Babette Babich has recently posted her own thoughts on Diogenes in the Marketplace–pretty much calls out all my defense mechanisms! Check it out. If only more couples would lounge in bed with The White-Luck Warrior. She’s given me a gift with that lovely image.

Despite my blockages, this post inaugurates a spate of guaranteed activity here on TPB.  I’m pleased to announce that Ben Cain will be returning with a piece on eliminativism this upcoming Monday, then Paul Ennis will be posting on Bleak Theory the Monday following.  Maybe a good old-fashioned blog debate will be just the tonic.