The Show Must Grate On…

by rsbakker

Aphorism of the Day: Les is mor.

[Addendum 19/08/11: For those of you popping over from Vox Day, something on the inverse correlation between logical competence and self-appraisal.]

[Addendum 18/08/11: Some (or perhaps just another) perspective]

I finally had a chance to check out the comments on the “Prince of Misogyny”  post I referenced a couple of days back. The parallels to the responses on Theo’s blog are nothing short of creepy. The big difference seems to be that where everyone on Theo’s board was busy calling me a low self-esteem loser, these guys are accusing me of insufferable pomposity…

I guess I am all things to all people after all!  A Nancy that needs to “grow a pair,” and a Pig who can’t stop showing them off. How awesome is that?

Believe it or not, I actually want to keep both of these blog war ‘relationships’ afloat. I know some of you hate it, and think it’s just an aggravating waste of time, and you could be right, but these exchanges make me very curious. And I find it’s helping me see my past my own tendencies to become defensive or morally censorious–and most importantly, to find the kinds of questions that give these ‘hard believers’ pause. (Does anyone know of any real research done on individuals prone to fanatical belief on facile grounds?).

As a veteran of Gabe Chouinard’s old board, I’ve been through the real wringer with people who were every bit as perceptive as they were nasty. Matt Stover, especially, was an estimable opponent, as apt to grill your character as thoroughly as your arguments (imagine Happy Ent, only really, really pissed). These guys are strictly bush league in comparison. There’s nothing anybody’s said that has prickled enough to jarr me from my experimental mindset–yet.

And as far as the books go, I actually think this stuff demonstrates that my writing, for better or worse, is rich enough to support a wild, wild variety of competing interpretations. And most important of all, that it’s actually reaching people who can be outraged.

Anyway, by way of UPDATES, I thought I should mention that I have included a couple new pieces in Essays, Speculations, and Stories. This last page I just added today.

As with everything, feedback is welcome! With “The New Theory” essay, I’m especially interested in where people would like me to add footnotes. It’s a puppy I would actually like to publish someday… I think.